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say what!

Say What was a collaboration that explored elements of interactive play using balls. Each ball had to engage physically and encourage play. In a world of sterile white cubes audience has become remote and all too often disengaged from interacting. art has become increasing occular and this exhibition wanted to challenge the occular heirarchy and encourage play. The gallery actively encourages children to play and respond to the balls and record their feelings and responses. My red ball focussed on using large nodules used by partially sighted  people to create braille labels the change in texture on the smooth surface challenged the particpants and they were encouraged to add more. Inside the ball was a large bell so visually impared children could follow the sound.

The members of rhizoMAATic14 come from a wide variety of different teaching and artistic backgrounds. The mix of personalities, specialisms, styles and experiences creates opportunities to make exciting and playful work that addresses a shared vision and develops each individual’s practice.  Since their formation, rhizoMAATic14 have been creating interactive installation pieces that explore and question how we communicate and how the dichotomous nature of language can both create and break down barriers of communication. 

Sat What.jpeg
Say What 1.jpeg
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